Seely Mint has been making minty indulgences for years. Why not sample some of our treats? All our products are Non GMO (certification pending), gluten free and made with all-natural ingredients such as real sugar and agave. Our mint is single distilled on site to ensure the highest level of freshness.


Mint Patties

With its combination of European dark chocolate and our smooth, refreshing mint oil, it’s no wonder the Seely Mint Patty is a customer favorite.


Mint Bark

Want some crunch with your chocolate? Mint Bark is made from bittersweet Belgian chocolate, mixed with pure peppermint oil, topped with creamy white chocolate, and sprinkled with our handmade candy crunch.


Mint Melts

Mint Melts mix our delicious mint with white or dark chocolate. Try both and choose a favorite!


Mint Teas

Harvested at the peak of summer, all our teas are made of sun-dried mint leaves that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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